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Don Ornitz (February 29, 1920—January 14, 1972) was a mid-century American magazine and celebrity photographer.


Donald Ornitz (1920-1972),  was born in New York City to parents Sadie and screenwriter Samuel Ornitz, one of the Hollywood Ten accused of Communism,[1] and was brother of cinematographer Arthur J. Ornitz.  In 1928 they moved to California where he spent most of his life.[2]


Ornitz photographed many celebrities,[3] including Raquel Welch, Frank Sinatra, Walt Disney, and Audrey Hepburn.[4] His obituary in Popular Photography magazine called him "the Titan of the Hollywood photographers".[5]

He was also a photographer for several magazines, including Playboy,[6] Travel and Camera,[7] The Saturday Evening Post, Look, Pageant, Globe, Sports Illustrated[8] and Life.[9][10][11]

His photograph of boys catching insects on a windowpane was selected by Edward Steichen for the 1955 Museum of Modern Art world-touring exhibition The Family of Man that was seen by 9 million visitors.[12][13]

As were many members of the entertainment community including his father, Ornitz was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee.[14]

Ornitz died January 14, 1972, in Los Angeles County, California, United States

Books by Don Ornitz[edit]

  • Ornitz, D. (1962) Living Photography, Maco.
  • Basch, P., Gowland, P., & Ornitz, D. (1958). Candid Photography. Fawcett Publications: Greenwich, Conn.


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