Don Parties On

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Don Parties On
Written by David Williamson
Date premiered 2011
Place premiered Melbourne
Original language English

Don Parties On, a play by David Williamson, premiered in Melbourne on January 8, 2011.[1]

It is the sequel by David Williamson to the 1971 play Don's Party and was inspired by the 2010 Federal election.[2] The same characters 40 years on plus a few new arrivals. Don is now a retired school teacher.


The Scene: 21 August 2010, Don invites old friends around for a party the night of the federal election.

It’s 21 August 2010, the night of yet another federal election and, of course, yet another election night party at Don’s place. Over the decades, as he and his friends watched governments come and go, they have also closely followed the incoming results from each other’s lives: the tallies of luck and misfortune, the unexpected swings for and against. And through it all, the lesson that this crowd of superannuated Baby Boomers never seemed to learn is that politics and strong personalities should never be mixed with alcohol.

The friends have all aged and been affected by life's experiences very differently over the decades. Views have polarized and surprised. Full of humor and surprises, a new classic and a fascinating comment on life from a boomer's perspective.[citation needed]


The play received mixed reviews but proved popular.[3]


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