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Don Perrin
Born (1964-10-01) October 1, 1964 (age 55)
Iserlohn, Germany
SpouseMargaret Weis (divorced) Kathryn Plamback

Don Perrin (born 1 October 1964) is a Canadian writer and former military officer.[1][2]

Early life and education[edit]

Born in Iserlohn, Germany, Perrin grew up in Kingston, ON, Canada, McMasterville, QC, Canada, Bromley, Kent, England, and Ottawa, ON, Canada. Perrin served in the Canadian Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, in the Canadian Department of National Defence.[1] He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics from the Royal Military College of Canada in 1987.[1]


Don Perrin was Vice President of Operations with Mag Force 7, Inc.[3] He wrote a series of novels in the Mag Force 7 series, with the first hitting the shelf in April 1995.[3] He has three successful collectible game designs to his credit with Star of the Guardians Collectible Trading Card Game and Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game, and the Star Trek: the Card Game.[3][4] Perrin has also designed role playing products for Imperium Games's Traveller RPG Universe.[3] For Imperium's fourth edition of Traveller (also called Marc Miller's Traveller or T4) published in 1996, the designers worked on distinct parts of the rules, with Perrin writing about starships.[5]:331 Perrin then worked on the game Zero (1997) for Archangel Entertainment.[5]:351 Perrin is also a contributor to the Dragonlance novel series.

Perrin and Lester Smith designed the Sovereign Stone RPG (1998) based on the trilogy of Sovereign Stone books, and Margaret Weis formed the company Sovereign Press with herself as CEO to publish the RPG.[5]:351 On April 17, 2001, Perrin announced that Sovereign Press was replacing its original Sovereign Stone game system with a new d20-based line.[5]:352 To support the setting, Weis and Perrin wrote a short story called "Shadamehr and the Old Wives Tale" which appeared in Dragon #264 (October, 1999).[5]:352 In 2002 Wizards of the Coast agreed to license the Dragonlance setting to Sovereign Press for RPG publication; Weis and Perrin, along with Jamie Chambers and Christopher Coyle, wrote the Dragonlance Campaign Setting (2003) for publication by Wizards of the Coast, after which Sovereign Press was allowed to expand and supplement that book using the d20 licence.[5]:353 In 2004, Perrin left Sovereign Press and Weis founded the new company Margaret Weis Productions.[5]:353

Perrin acted as an advisor for Margaret Weis on the final Star of the Guardians novel, Ghost Legion (in which he also appears as a character). The couple co-authored the Mag Force 7 novels.

Don Perrin, Michael Cosentino and Kathyrn Plamback purchased the two US wargaming magazines, "The Courier" and "MWAN" and combined them into the Historical Miniature Gamer Magazine in 2005.[6] This magazine won the Nonfiction Publication of the Year Award at the 32nd Annual Origins Awards.[7] The magazine offered articles on wargaming/wargames (of widely varied periods), tips on painting, building hints, scenarios, reviews of wargaming books, rules, miniatures and a monthly column by Howard Whitehouse. In 2007 James Manto was brought in as editor-in-chief to help with the organization and structure of the articles. Taking advantage of Perrin's QPOD (Quality Printing on Demand) in-house printing (where small numbers of books, rules, supplements can be printed inexpensively) the magazine underwent a complete overhaul to an easy to hold quarterly magazine. The magazine was closed in 2008.

Personal life[edit]

Perrin was married to Margaret Weis,[8] though they are now divorced.[9][10]

Perrin married Kathryn Plamback in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2016.[11]

He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.[11]


Mag Force 7 series[edit]

  • The Knights of the Black Earth (1995),[12][13][14] ISBN 0-451-45425-1
  • Robot Blues (1996),[15] ISBN 0-451-45581-9
  • Hung Out (1998),[16] ISBN 0-451-45618-1

Dragonlance universe[edit]

Warcraft universe[edit]

Short works[edit]

Tabletop RPG books[edit]


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