Don Republic

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Don Republic
Всевеликое Войско Донское
Vsevelikoye Voysko Donskoye


Flag Coat of arms
Всколыхнулся, взволновался
православный Тихий Дон  (Russian)
...[Quiet] Flows the Don
Map of the Don Host Oblast (green).
Capital Novocherkas'k
Languages Gutar/Southern Russian, Ukrainiana
Religion Eastern Orthodoxy
Government Parliamentary republic
 -  1918–1919 Pyotr Krasnov
 -  1919–1921 Afrikan Bogaevsky
Legislature Krug
Historical era World War I
 -  Proclaimed May 18, 1918
 -  Russian occupation 1920
Currency Don Ruble

The Don Republic (Russian: Донская Республика, Ukrainian: Донська Республіка), later known as the Almighty Don Host (Russian: Всевеликое Войско Донское Vsevelikoe Voisko Donskoe, Ukrainian: Всевелике Військо Донське Vsevelike Viysko Donske), was an independent democratic republic formed by the Don Cossacks during the Russian Civil War after the collapse of the Russian Empire. This act restored their national independence and statehood that had been lost in 1708 (after the defeat by the Tsardom of Russia in in the Bulavin war).

The independence was proclaimed by the assembly of Don Cossacks called the Krug on May 18, 1918. This occurred after the liquidation of the Don Soviet Republic from the territory of the Don Host Oblast on May 10.

The Don Republic claimed the territory of the Don region and the city of Novocherkassk as its capital. Administratively, the Don Republic was divided into ten okrugs, which are now located in modern-day Rostov and Volgograd Oblasts of Russia and Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts of neighboring Ukraine.

The Don Republic ceased to exist after the Don Cossacks, who formed an essential part of the White Army, were defeated by the Red Army in the Russian Civil War. Much of the Cossack population was subjected to a genocide via the Decossackization in 1919-1921 and the Holodomor in 1932-1933, resulting in the eventual disappearance of the whole nation.[1][verification needed]

During the dissolution of the USSR, in October 1991, the Don Cossack Republic was proclaimed as a subject of the Russian Federation with the capital in Novocherkassk. However, this proclamation was not recognized, and the territory claimed was integrated into the Russian Federation.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 47°25′00″N 40°06′00″E / 47.4167°N 40.1°E / 47.4167; 40.1