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Don Syme is an Australian computer scientist and a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, U.K. He is the designer and architect of the F# programming language, described by a reporter as being regarded as "the most original new face in computer languages since Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++ in the early 1980s."[1]

Earlier, Syme created generics in the .NET Common Language Runtime, including the initial design of generics for the C# programming language, along with others including Andrew Kennedy[1][2] and later Anders Hejlsberg. Kennedy, Syme and Dachuan Yu also formalized this widely used system.[3]

He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge,[1] and is a member of the IFIP working group on functional programming. He is a co-author of the book Expert F# 3.0.[4]

In the past he also worked on formal specification, interactive proof, automated verification and proof description languages.[5]

In 2015, he was honored with a Silver Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering.[6]

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