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Don Zientara
GenresRock, hardcore punk, post-hardcore, post-punk, art rock, alternative rock
Years active1978–present

Don Zientara is an American record producer and musician. He owns and runs Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Virginia, located just outside Washington D.C., and is most widely known for his production work with Fugazi, Minor Threat and various other Dischord Records artists.[1][2][3]

Zientara released four albums of music on the Northern Liberties label. Music by Zientara has also been released by Crooked Beat Records in Alexandria, Virginia. He contributed four songs to “A Bang On The Ear,” released in 2016 for Record Store Day.[4] He also contributed to “Recutting The Crap, Volume One,” a tribute to The Clash released by Crooked Beat Records.[5]

Production credits[edit]

Zientara's production/engineering credits include the following:[6]


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