Dona nobis pacem

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Dona nobis pacem (Latin for "Grant us peace") is a phrase in the Agnus Dei section of the mass. The phrase, in isolation, has been appropriated for a number of musical works, which include:

  • Dona nobis pacem, a traditional canon
  • Work for choir and orchestra by the Latvian composer, Pēteris Vasks (1996)
  • The cantata Dona nobis pacem by Ralph Vaughan Williams (1936)
  • "Dona Nobis Pacem" is repeatedly quoted in Graham Greene's 1938 novel Brighton Rock by its antihero Pinkie Brown.
  • "Dona Nobis Pacem" is used in Graham Greene´s 1966 novel The Comedians
  • The third movement of Symphonie Liturgique by Arthur Honegger (1945)
  • Included in Bobby Darin's 1960 Christmas album The 25th Day of December.
  • The title of a song, from the "Present from Nancy" LP by the Dutch band "Supersister" (1970)
  • At the end of Pray Your Gods by Toad the Wet Sprocket (1992)
  • Included in an arrangement of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" recorded by Wayne Watson on One Christmas Eve (1994)
  • A song performed by cast members (as an impromptu choir) in the 1978 M*A*S*H Christmas episode "Dear Sis".
  • Bass guitarist Michael Manring performs an instrumental version on the 1993 Windham Hill compilation A Winter's Solstice IV.
  • Clarinetist Richard Stoltzman performs a song on the 1996 Windham Hill compilation The Carols of Christmas.
  • A setting by David Fanshawe, on the 1994 recording of African Sanctus.
  • One section of Adiemus V: Vocalise, by Karl Jenkins (2003)
  • One track of the album No Boundaries, by Ladysmith Black Mambazo (2006)
  • Track 12 of the album Whiskey Tango Ghosts, by Tanya Donelly (2004)
  • The phrase is used by the Doctor - season 4, episode 6 of Doctor Who, The Poison Sky - when speaking in code to Donna Noble who is trapped on the TARDIS by the Sontarans. (Original airdate: 3 May 2008)
  • Sister Steven, a character in the comic strip 9 Chickweed Lane repeatedly uses the phrase when her patience is being tried.
  • The phrase is repeated in the song Old City (Instrumental) on the album Instrumentals by the Shanghai Restoration Project (2008).
  • The title of a track in the Max Richter score for the HBO show "The Leftovers"
  • The title of a composition by Motoi Sakuraba in Tales of Destiny 2 and featured throughout the series.

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