Donal Gott MacCarthy

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Donal Gott MacCarthy (Irish: Domnall Got Mac Carthaig) (d. 1251) was the ancestor of the MacCarthy Reagh dynasty of Carbery in the south of Munster in Ireland, and King of Desmond from 1247 or 1248 until the time of his death, after holding the position of tánaiste from 1230.[1][2] He was a younger son of Donal Mor na Curra, King of Desmond (r. 1185-1206), and was preceded by his elder brothers Dermod (r. 1206-1230) and Cormac Fionn (r. 1230-1247).

Donal Gott was succeeded by his famous son Fínghin Mac Carthaigh (d. 1261), victor at the Battle of Callann.[3]