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Don Bogue speaking during the 2006 Digital Hollywood Conference in Santa Monica, California.

Donald "Don" Bogue is the current Chairman and CEO of Command Audio Corporation, headquartered in Redwood City, California. He has held the CEO position since he cofounded the company in October 1995 along with Macrovision Corporation. Command Audio Corporation owns patents for DVR (Digital Video Recorder, also known as PVR) technologies which provide users of a variety of devices (including TiVo-style devices and Sirius XM Satellite Radio) time-shifted access to broadcast media.

Command Audio[edit]

Command Audio licenses its US and foreign patents related to the transmission, navigation and playback of stored media for numerous types of devices and various services. These devices and services enable consumers to receive broadcast programming and store it for playback freely. Licensees include Cisco/Scientific Atlanta, Motorola, Sony, and Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

Since its founding, Command Audio has led the field in the development of on-demand interactive audio. Its intellectual property covers the broadcast, storage and playback of audio in programming for television (via personal video recorders), radio (including satellite and terrestrial), personal computer and cellular telephone applications.

Command Audio's current business model focuses mainly on licensing its intellectual property. In prior models, Bogue and his team focused on directly offering wireless information and entertainment services for mobile consumers before moving to software development for "broadcast-and-store" applications.[1]

Patent Controversy[edit]

On December 15, 2005, Command Audio settled a nearly four-year legal battle with Sony Electronics, Inc. The case began when Sony incorporated Command Audio's patent-protected technology into DVRs and personal computers with DVR functionality. According to the settlement agreement, Sony paid a financial settlement to Command Audio and signed a royalty-bearing license for all of Command Audio's DVR-related patents.[2]

Previous Positions[edit]

Prior to Command Audio, Don served as CEO and Director at Giga-tronics, a publicly held manufacturer of wireless communications test equipment, and ran the largest divisions of Ampex Corporation, a pioneer in magnetic recording technology and a manufacturer of professional video products and systems. Ampex Corporation is most famous for leading the way in delayed broadcast of live radio and television through its development of magnetic recording technology.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Don Bogue is married to Linda Bogue, formerly Linda Baker, and lives in San Mateo, California. He and his wife have one daughter, Malin. Don and Linda met while studying at Harvard, from which he graduated in 1973 with an honors degree in economics. Bogue takes an active interest in politics and foreign policy and has served as an election monitor for the Liberian Presidential election of 2005 with the International Republican Institute.[4]

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