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Donald X. Burt O.S.A., Ph.D. (born 1929), is a member of the Augustinian Order. Recently retired as professor emeritus in philosophy at Villanova University, Father Burt has published twelve books and numerous articles on the thought of St. Augustine. Died April 11,2014


  • Daily Reflections with Augustine, Liturgical Press, 2006
  • Reflections on a Dying Life, Liturgical Press, 2005
  • Let Me Know You: Reflections on Augustine's Search for God, Liturgical Press, 2003
  • Let Me Know Myself: Reflections on the Prayer of Augustine, Liturgical Press, 2002
  • Friendship and Society: An Introduction to Augustine's Practical Philosophy, Wm. Eerdmans Publishing, 1999
  • The River: Reflections on the Times of Our Lives, Liturgical Press, 1998
  • Augustine's World: An Introduction to His Speculative Philosophy, University Press of America, 1996
  • The Pilgrim God: A Preacher Reflects on the Story of Jesus, Liturgical Press, 1995
  • The Rush to Resurrection, Liturgical Press, 1985

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