Donald Duck (Dutch comic book)

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Donald Duck
Editor-in-chiefDimitri Heikamp
Joan Lommen (dep.)[1]
Former editorsThom Roep (1984–2013)[2]
CategoriesChildren's magazine
comic book
Circulation285.000 (2012)[3]
Year founded1952
First issue25 October 1952; 66 years ago (1952-10-25)[4]
OCLC number72727908

Donald Duck is a weekly comic book with Walt Disney characters published in the Netherlands.[5] On 25 October 1952 the first edition was freely distributed with the women's weekly magazine Margriet.[4] It is published by Sanoma, and had a circulation of 285.000 copies in 2012.[3]


A 2014 study by Nationaal Onderzoek Multimedia of comic book reading among Dutch children ages 6–12 during the past year, placed Donald Duck (81%) as most read comic book, and Donald Duck Extra (44%) as second place, before Kidsweek (33%), Nickelodeon magazine (33%), Tina (25%) and National Geographic junior (33%).[6][7] In 2014 it was read by 1.6 million Dutch citizens above the age of 13, out of which 940.000 men and 660.000 women.[8] In 2008 it was the most read magazine among Dutch students (10%).[9]

Media attention[edit]

In 2012, Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte appeared in Donald Duck. Rutte said that he was honored; he was a big fan during his youth.[10] In 2013, Donald Duck became a museum guard and was chased down canals, in honor of the reopening of the Rijksmuseum and the 400 year anniversary of the Canals of Amsterdam.[2]


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