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Donald Duck and Friends, #317, June 2004 (Gemstone Publishing)

Donald Duck is an American comic book magazine starring the Disney character Donald Duck and published by various publishers since 1952.

Publication history[edit]

The first issue was released in November 1952, but the numeration started with #26 because the previous Four Color issues titled "Donald Duck", released between October 1942 (Four Color #9) and September 1952 (Four Color #422), were retroactively treated as part of the series: the numbering was the result of a mistake, as Four Color #422 was actually the 28th Four Color issue titled "Donald Duck". From 2003 to 2011, the comic was renamed Donald Duck and Friends. When IDW took over publishing the title in May 2015 they restarted from #1, but retained the 'legacy' numbering as a secondary number (the first issue is also issue #368).

Publishing companies[edit]

  • Dell Comics, from issue #26 (November 1952) to issue #84 (September 1962)
  • Gold Key Comics, from issue #85 (December 1962) to issue #211 (September 1979)
  • Whitman Publishing, from issue #212 (October 1979) to issue #245 (1984)
  • Gladstone Publishing, from issue #246 (October 1986) to issue #307 (March 1998)
  • Gemstone Publishing, from issue #308 (September 18, 2003) to issue #346 (December 2006); the comic book was renamed Donald Duck and Friends
  • Boom! Studios, from issue #347 (November 4, 2009) to issue #367 (June 8, 2011); the comic book was renamed Donald Duck from #363
  • IDW Publishing, from issue #1 (May 2015); the numbering restarted from #1, with a secondary numbering system continuing the legacy numbering (#368).

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