Donald E. McQuinn

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Donald E. McQuinn
Occupation US Marine
Language English
Nationality American
Alma mater University of Washington
Notable works Targets; Warrior; The Prisoner Within

Donald E. McQuinn (born 1930, in Winthrop, Massachusetts) is an American best-selling author,[1] and former U.S. Marine.

McQuinn graduated from high school in Texas, and attended the University of Washington on a Navy scholarship. He served 20 years in the Marines, retiring in 1971 as a major, before becoming an author. He lives in the Pacific Northwest (Normandy Park, Washington)[2] with his wife Carol; they have three grown sons.

In September 1998 he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while on vacation in Hawaii and became the first person saved by the police department's recent deployment of automated external defibrillators.[1]

A third book in the Captain Lannat series was announced by the publisher as "a work in progress",[3] but remains unfinished or unpublished.


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