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Donald Gordon Payne
Born (1924-01-03) January 3, 1924 (age 93)
Pen name James Vance Marshall
Ian Cameron
Genre maritime history,
military history,
maritime fiction,
military fiction,
science fiction
Subject World War II

Donald Gordon Payne (born 3 January 1924 in London) is an English author.


Using James Vance Marshall as a pseudonym, Payne has written such books as A River Ran Out of Eden (1962) and White-Out (1999). His most famous book is probably Walkabout (1959), first published as The Children[1][2] and later made into a movie featuring Jenny Agutter.

Payne has also used Ian Cameron as a pseudonym/pen name. As Donald Gordon, he has published, among others, Riders of the Storm (2002), an official history of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. As Ian Cameron, he published the novel The Lost Ones (1961), later dramatized by The Walt Disney Company as the movie The Island at the Top of the World, as well as the novels The Mountains at the Bottom of the World (1972) and The White Ship (1975).

He has also edited several Reader's Digest volumes, such as the Travels & Adventure series.

He lives in Surrey, England, and has four sons and one daughter.


  • Walkabout (1959)
  • Red Duster, White Ensign: the Story of Malta and the Malta Convoys (1960) OCLC 9922243
  • The Lost Ones (1961)
  • A River Ran Out of Eden (1962)
  • Star-Raker (1962)
  • Flight of the Bat (1964)
  • Lodestone and Evening Star: the Epic Voyages of Discovery, 1493 B.C.-1896 A.D. (1965, 1966 NY ed.) OCLC 486332
  • My Boy John that Went to Sea (1966)
  • The Mountains at the Bottom of the World (1975)
  • The White Ship (1975)
  • White-Out (1999)
  • Riders of the Storm (2002)
  • Also from the South (2003)


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