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An interview with Ronald Reagan in 1981

Donald Lambro (born July 14, 1940) is an Albanian American journalist. He is the chief political correspondent of The Washington Times and a columnist formerly nationally syndicated by United Feature Syndicate and now by the Newspaper Enterprise Association.


Donald Lambro was born in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and graduated from Boston University with a degree in journalism. He began his career working for the Boston Herald-Traveler and in 1968 joined United Press International in Hartford, Connecticut, covering state government.[1]

In 1981, the Conservative Political Action Conference awarded Don Lambro the "Outstanding Journalist Award" for his book Fat City.[1] In 1985, he won the Warren Brookes Award for Excellence in Journalism.[2]


  • The Federal Rathole, 1975 (ISBN 978-0870002946)
  • The Conscience of a Young Conservative, 1976 (ISBN 978-0870003448)
  • Fat City: How Washington Wastes Your Taxes, 1980 (ISBN 978-0895266804)
  • Land of Opportunity: The Entrepreneurial Spirit in America, 1986 (ISBN 9780316512893)
  • Washington—City of Scandals: Investigating Congress and Other Big Spenders, 1987 (ISBN 978-0316512886)


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