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Donald O. Clifton (February 5, 1924, in Butte, Nebraska[1] – September 14, 2003)[2] was an American psychologist. He developed the eponymous Clifton StrengthsFinder, Gallup’s online psychological assessment. Clifton was professor of educational psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from 1950 to 1969[2] when he founded Selection Research, Inc. (SRI) that grew to the point where in 1988 it acquired the Gallup Organization and took on the older company’s name.[3] Clifton was a World War II veteran and recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross.[1]

Quote “As my mentor, Dr. Donald O. Clifton, used to say, the American Management Association has got it wrong. The AMA's slogan, "Getting work done through people," misstates the essence of great management. To capture this essence, they should change it to "Getting people done through work." (cited by Marcus Buckingham in 2005, The One Thing You Need to Know[4]).

Published works[edit]

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  • StrengthsQuest with Edward "Chip" Anderson


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