Donald Worden

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Donald Worden
Born Baltimore
Other names The Big Man
Police career
Department Baltimore Police Department
Badge number 145
Country United States
Years of service 1962–99
Rank Detective
Other work Former B.C.P.D. H.Q. Homicide Big Man Case

Donald "Don" Worden is a retired Baltimore Police Department detective who was featured in David Simon's non-fiction book about the homicide unit, Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets (1991)[1] and provided the inspiration for the Homicide: Life on the Street television series character Stanley Bolander, played by Ned Beatty.[citation needed]


Worden, a native of Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood,[2] joined the Baltimore Police Department in 1962,[3] and had worked in the department's Northwestern district[4] before becoming a Homicide Detective. Nicknamed, "The Big Man",[5] he was a veteran member of Sergeant Terry McLarney's Homicide squad working under Shift Lieutenant Gary D'Addario.


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