Donaldson, Moir and Paterson

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OriginGlasgow, Scotland
GenresAcoustic rock
psychedelic rock
Years active1985–present
LabelsPoco Alto
Associated actsWhite
MembersGeorge Paterson
Gordon Moir
Past membersWilliam 'Billy' Donaldson 1985-1998
Jim Tully -Drums 1985-87
John 'Slippy' Slater - Drums 1987-89
John Telford - Drums 1990-93
Steve Boyle - Acoustic guitar (Live) 1985-89
Vince McKay - Keyboards 1985, 1987-89
Derek Archibald - Keyboards 1986-87

Donaldson, Moir and Paterson, also known as DMP are a Scottish rock group originally formed in 1985 as White[1] (Fear of God from Honey at the Core). Since 1998, as DMP they have released a number of albums.

Since February 2008, DMP have hosted a popular podcast - DMPmusic podcast series - on iTunes and jellycast.


  • George Paterson - Lead vocals (1985–present)
  • Gordon Moir - Lead guitar (1985–present)
  • William 'Billy' Donaldson - Bass (1985–1998)


  • Eight Up and Passed Out Compilation of early work released 1998
  • D'ya Get It? released 1998 (Poco Alto)
  • It's About Time released 1999 (Poco Alto)
  • Natural Anthems released 2000 (Poco Alto)
  • St Jude and the Wilderness Years released 2003 (Poco Alto)
  • Au released August 2010 (Poco Alto)


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