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Ulm Donaustadion 1.jpg
Location Ulm, Germany
Coordinates 48°24′16″N 10°0′35″E / 48.40444°N 10.00972°E / 48.40444; 10.00972Coordinates: 48°24′16″N 10°0′35″E / 48.40444°N 10.00972°E / 48.40444; 10.00972
Owner City of Ulm
Capacity 19,500
Opened 1925
Renovated 1952, 1999
SSV Ulm 1846

The Donaustadion is a multi-purpose stadium in Ulm, Germany. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of SSV Ulm 1846. The stadium is able to hold 19,500 people.

In 1999, a new stand was constructed, filling the last open gap of the former horseshoe shaped ground. This all-seated affair was the first non-smoking stand within a professional football ground in Germany.[1]

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