Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery

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Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery
Doncaster Museum.JPG
Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery
Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery is located in South Yorkshire
Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery
Location of the museum within South Yorkshire
LocationDoncaster, South Yorkshire,
Coordinates53°31′15″N 1°07′39″W / 53.5207°N 1.12740°W / 53.5207; -1.12740Coordinates: 53°31′15″N 1°07′39″W / 53.5207°N 1.12740°W / 53.5207; -1.12740
TypeMilitary Museum

Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery is a museum in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.[1] The museum won the "Most Improved Audience Figures" award from Audiences Yorkshire.[2]


Doncaster Museum opened in 1964 to display collections of natural history, archaeology, local history, fine and decorative art.[3] The holotype of the extinct species Ichthyosaurus anningae was identified in the museum's collection in 2008 and formally named in 2015.[4][5] The building also houses the Regimental Museum of the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.[6]


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