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Done may refer to:


People with the name[edit]

  • Done P. Dabale (1949–2006), Nigerian philanthropist, theologian, farmer, nurse, educator and author
  • Cheryl Done (born 1970), British bobsledder
  • Cyril Done (1920–1993), English footballer
  • Frances Done (born 1950), British public administrator, accountant and politician
  • Fred Done (born 1943), English businessman
  • Jason Done (born 1973), English actor
  • John Done (c. 1747–1831), Justice of the Maryland Court of Appeals
  • Ken Done (born 1940), Australian artist
  • Matt Done (born 1988), English footballer
  • Peter Done (born 1947), English businessman
  • Richard Done (born 1955), Australian cricketer
  • Robert Done (1904–1982), English footballer
  • William Done (1815–1895), English organist


Other uses[edit]

  • DONE (Data-based Online Nonlinear Extremumseeker), an optimization algorithm
  • Methadone, "done" in slang

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