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Monument to soldiers, fellow teachers, students and employees from Donetsk Polytechnic Institute who fought against nazi-German troops and their Ukrainian collaborators. The monument is placed beside nowadays Faculty of Economics and Management.

Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU, formerly Donetsk Polytechnic Institute) is the biggest and oldest higher education establishment in Donbass, founded in 1921. The university was practically destroyed during the WWII when the nazi German troops occupied the city between 16 October 1941 and 5 September 1943. The city was integrated into the Reichskommissariat Ukraine and the German authorities decided to kill all the professors working in that time in DonNTU. There is a museum inside the university that reminds this tragic event. All the professors were placed in a warehouse and were killed by a decision taken by the new nazi authorities. After World World II Donetsk was rebuilt and also DonNTU and other higher education institutions operating in the area. Donetsk National Technical University was attended by Nikita Khrushchev, former Soviet leader, and Viktor Yanukovich, president of Ukraine who was removed from power in February 2014 after the maidan events.[1] The university is located in Donetsk city, de iure Ukraine, but de facto capital of Donetsk People's Republic[2].The university was shelled by the pro-maidan forces several times in 2014 when students, professors, and personnel were inside the facilities. According to the Director of the International Office of DonNTU, who is working in this institution for more than 20 years "around 80 people were injured and one professor was killed, the office of the pro-Rector was destroyed. The pro-maidan forces shelled the university from the airport where in that time they were located using heavy artillery ".[3]The attack against the university was one of the consequences of the special anti-terrorist operation (ATO) [4]implemented by Petro Poroshenko, the new President of Ukraine who took office after the maidan events. The new authorities of Ukraine were unable to take control of Donetsk and Luhansk, the major cities of the Donbass region. The new authorities, installed in Kiev after the maidan events, decided to open some facilities in several towns, villages or cities out of the territory controlled by the anti-maidan forces. Those facilities have the same name that the ones operating in the Donbass for many years. But mostly the faculties, students, and personnel working and studying in the universities placed in Donetsk and Lugansk didn't move to the new facilities opened by the government of Petro Poroshenko since they are considered "terrorists" by the authorities of Kiev. The Kiev authorities opened a new "Donetsk National Technical University" in the small town of Kranoarmiisk.[5] In May 2016 the town was renamed Pokrovsk after a decision taken by the new authorities in Kiev for the "decommunisation" [6]of the country was implemented. The facilities in that town are not attended by students studying and living in Donetsk and practically all the personnel and faculties and academic authorities remained in Donetsk city.


Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU) is the first higher education establishment in the Donbass Region and one of the first technical universities in Ukraine. 27,000 students study at 7 faculties, 60 specialties being their major. There are 28 correspondent members and academicians of the engineering academies, 18 honorary researchers, and professors among the academics of the university. A number of scientists of DonNTU are honorary and full members of foreign organizations and academies.


  • DonNTU has more than 70 collaboration agreements with universities all over the world.
  • There is an office of the Siemens company at the university.
  • At the three engineering faculties (German, French, and English) students are trained in the appropriate foreign language.
  • A Polish faculty has been established.
  • Thirty professors from foreign universities are Honorary Doctors of DonNTU.
  • The university has a reading room sponsored by the Goethe Institute, Germany.

Donetsk National Technical University is a member of the EAU (European Association of Universities).

DonNTU is a member of

  • UICEE – The International Engineering Education Centre sponsored by UNESCO, Melbourne, Australia;
  • EAIE – European Association of International Education;
  • EAAU – Euro-Asian Association of Universities;
  • SEFI – European Association of Engineering Education;
  • IGIP – International Association of Engineering Education (Austria)
  • COFRAMA – French Council on Management links development with the countries of the CIS and Russia (Lion, France); PRELUDE – International Association of Research and links with universities (Belgium);
  • CEUME – Consortium of Management Education in Ukraine (the USA, Poland);
  • URAN – Ukrainian Educational and Research Network sponsored by the NATO and German Research Network.

DonNTU is a participant in the following international programmes:

  • TEMPUS-TACIS NCD-JEP – 23125-2002 European Studios; DAAD Eastern Partnerships (Germany);
  • Stipend of the International Board of the Ministry of Education and Science (the German Aerodynamics Center);
  • BWTZ-Programm (Germany, the Ministry of Science),
  • INTAS – Publishing House (Germany) ;
  • BMEU/CEUME Business - Management - Education (USA, Poland);
  • The Jozef Mihknowski Science Development Fund (Poland);
  • Students Exchange Programmes AIESEC (Poland);
  • Grant from the Ministry of Education and Sports, Poland;
  • Grant from the Ministry of Education and Science (Russia);
  • The programme Dnipro (France) ;
  • Grant of the Special School of Social Works, Construction and Industry (ESTP), (France);
  • Grant from the government of Chzech Republic;
  • SIDA – Master and Bachelor programme Sandwich (Sweden).


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