Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts

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Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts
Former names
Dong-Ah Broadcasting College
Motto in English
Be the Shining Star in the Field of Broadcasting and Arts
TypeTechnical school
Established1997 (1997)
ChairmanWon-suk Choi
PresidentDr. Joon-won Kim
Samjuk-myeon, Anseong City
Gyeonggi province
Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts
Revised RomanizationDonga Bangsong yesool Daehak
McCune–ReischauerTong'a Pangsong Yesool Taehak

Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts (formerly known as Dong-Ah Broadcasting College) is a technical college in South Korea specialized in training professionals in the fields of media design, production, and communications. The campus is situated in Samjuk-myeon, Anseong City, Gyeonggi province, South Korea. The name has been changed to Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts as January 15, 2007.[1]

Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts was ranked 171th (tied with Jeju National University and Kumoh National Institute of Technology) in Asia by QS Asian Universities Ranking in 2010.[2]


The school's academic offerings are provided through various divisions such as Broadcasting Technology, Multimedia Production, and Internet Broadcasting. Courses of study are two to three years in length.

MEDIA : Associate Degree of Arts (3 years)

  • School of Broadcasting and Arts Convergence
    • Division of Broadcasting Technology
      • Major : Broadcasting Production Technology, Broadcasting System, Broadcasting Audio Technology
  • School of Media Content
    • Department of Visual Production
    • Department of Broadcasting Writing
    • Division of Broadcasting and Journalism
      • Major : Journalism, Announcing
    • Department of Digital Image Design
    • Department of Advertising Production
    • Department of Newmedia Contents
  • School of Entertainment
    • Division of Entertainment in Broadcasting
      • Major : Drama Act, Amusement, K-Pop Performance
    • Department of Fashion Styling
    • Department of Entertainment Management

ARTS : Associate Degree of Arts (3 years)

  • School of Arts
    • Division of Performing Arts
      • Major : Theatre, Musical, Traditional Act
    • Department of Film Art
    • Department of Audio Production (Track : Music Engineering, Sound Design & Post Production, Public Address)
    • Department of Stage Design
  • School of Music
    • Division of Applied Music
      • Major : Vocal Performance, Musical Instrument, Composition, Electronic Music Production

Bachelor's degree Program (AA Degree + 1 year = 4 years)

  • School of Media and Arts Creation
    • Department of Contents Production [BA] (Track : Broadcasting Contents Production, Film Contents Production)
    • Department of Broadcasting Technology [BMA]
    • Department of Applied Music [BM] (Track : Vocal Performance, Musical Instrument, Composition)
    • Department of Audio Production [BA]
    • Department of Acting Art [BA]
    • Department of Broadcasting and Journalism [BJ]


The school was opened in 1997 as Dong-ah Broadcasting Specialized College. On January 15, 2007 the school was renamed Dong-ah Institute Of Media and Arts.

Dong-ah has a student-exchange program with Illinois State University where Korean students can graduate with a degree from an American University and ISU students can spend a semester or more abroad experiencing the Korean culture. Dong-ah also has a student-exchange program with California State University, Fullerton called the DIMA program and caters especially to Communications majors.

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