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Dong Ja Yang is the former Chairman of the AAU National Taekwondo Union from 1979-1984. From 1984-1988, Dong was a member of the Executive Board of the United States Olympic Committee. A PhD graduate in Counselling Psychology,[1] Yang introduced Taekwondo to 77 colleges in the United States from 1977 to 1983.[2] During these years he was essential[3] in helping raise Taekwondo to an Olympic Status.[4] He taught Taekwondo for 35 years at Howard University.[1][5] In 1986, Dong Ja Yang asked Kim un-Yong to lower the black belt fee for Taekwondo, which resulted with his removal from the WTF Pan American Taekwondo Union.[6] In 1988 three of his students earned medals in the Olympics in Taekwondo. They were Lynnette Love, Debra Holloway, and Sharon Jewell.[7] He was presented with an award from Congressman Ralph Metcalfe for his work in bringing women to Taekwondo.[8] At Howard University he hosted the Howard University Taekwondo Championships.[9] In 2001, he filed a complaint against the United States Taekwondo Union.[10] Dong was elected to the Taekwondo Hall of Fame[11] and holds a 9th degree black belt.[12]

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