Dong Jue

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Dong Jue
Official of the Jin dynasty
Born (Unknown)
Died (Unknown)
Traditional Chinese 董厥
Simplified Chinese 董厥
Pinyin Dǒng Jué
Wade–Giles Tung Chüeh
Courtesy name Gongxi (traditional Chinese: 龔襲; simplified Chinese: 龚袭; pinyin: Gōngxí; Wade–Giles: Kung-hsi)

Dong Jue (birth and death dates unknown), courtesy name Gongxi, was an official who lived in the Jin dynasty. He had previously served in the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period.


Along with Fan Jian, Dong Jue served as a secretary under the Shu chancellor Zhuge Liang during the Southern Campaign and Northern Expeditions, and attained the titles "General Who Upholds the State" and "Marquis of Nan District".

Dong Jue subsequently assisted Jiang Wei in the defence of Jiange, and attempted to counsel Liu Shan along with Zhuge Zhan and Fan Jian, though he was unable to mitigate the influence of Huang Hao, and was ultimately relegated to record keeping. Dong Jue served the Jin dynasty after the fall of Shu, where he tended after the former citizens of his state.

Appointments and titles held[edit]

  • Prefect in the Imperial Chancellor's Office (丞相府令史)
  • Registrar (主簿)
  • Supervisor of the Masters of Writing (尚書僕射)
  • Prefect of the Masters of Writing (尚書令)
  • General-in-Chief (大將軍)
  • Senior General Who Upholds the State (輔國大將軍)
  • Marquis of Nan District (南鄉侯)
The following appointments and titles were held by Dong Jue when he served the Jin Dynasty
  • Army Advisor to the Chancellor of State (相國參軍)
  • Attendant of Scattered Cavalry (散騎常侍)

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