Dongfeng EQ2102

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Dongfeng 145, civilian version

The Dongfeng EQ2102 is a 3.5 tonne capacity troop/cargo carrier truck developed and built by Dongfeng Motor Corporation and used by the People's Liberation Army of the People's Republic of China for transport. The truck is a copied version of the Nissan Diesel Condor CM series. When in civilian use, this series of trucks uses a variety of different names (from EQ1101 to EQ5108 depending on the version) but is usually referred to as the Dongfeng 145. A facelifted version is called the "160".

It entered service in the 1990s to replace the aging CA-30 and the EQ245/EQ2100.

Dongfeng 160 in use by China Post


  • Seating: 1+4 (EQ2102); or 1+2 (EQ2102G)
  • Configuration: 6X6
  • Weight (empty): 6,920 kg (without winch); 7,120 (with winch)
  • Load: 5,000 kg (road); 3,500 kg (cross-country)
  • Towed load: 4,800 kg
  • Length: 7,495mm
  • Width: 2.470mm
  • Height: 3.240m (with canvas and bow kit)
  • Wheelbase: 3,475mm / 1,250mm
  • Track (front/rear): 1,876mm / 1,870mm
  • Ground clearance: 305mm
  • Max speed: 90 km/h


  • 1+4 (EQ2102)
  • 1+2 (EQ2102G)