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Dongfeng Motor Company Limited
Private joint venture
Industry Automotive
Founded 9 June 2003 (Shiyan)[1]
Headquarters Wuhan, Hubei, China
Products Automobiles
Number of employees
Approximately 70,000[1]
Parent Dongfeng Motor Corporation (50%)
Nissan Motors (50%)[1]
Dongfeng Motor Company Limited
Simplified Chinese 东风汽车有限公司
Traditional Chinese 東風汽車有限公司

Dongfeng Motor Company Limited is an automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Wuhan, China, and a 50:50 joint-venture between Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Nissan Motors. It produces passenger cars under the Nissan marque and commercial vehicles under the Dongfeng marque.[1]

Confusingly, Dongfeng Motor Corporation is a separate legal entity from Dongfeng Motor Company. The corporation is a Chinese, state-owned automaker while the company is a joint venture between Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Nissan. It may be fitting that, at times, it can be hard to distinguish the subsidiary from its part-owner as Nissan's cooperative effort with Dongfeng is quite integral to Dongfeng as a whole. As late as 2011, nearly 70% of Dongfeng products were connected in some way to Nissan,[2] and, as of 2006, the company was being referred to as "the biggest Sino-foreign vehicle joint venture".[3]


Dongfeng Motor Company was formally established on 9 June 2003 and began operations on 1 July 2003.[1] Initially headquartered in Shiyan, it moved closer to its Chinese parent relocating to Wuhan in June, 2006.[3]

Sales targets in 2007 were in excess of 600,000 units.[3]

In September 2010, Dongfeng Motor Company unveiled a new automobile marque, Venucia (or "Qi Chen" in Chinese), to sell vehicles tailored specifically for second- and third-tier Chinese cities in the poorer interior of the country.[4][5]

In 2011, a roadmap for additional investment in Dongfeng Motor Company by its Japanese and Chinese parents was drawn up as part of a plan to boost annual sales from around 1.3 million vehicles in 2010 to over 2.3 million by 2015.[6][7] In April 2012, it was announced that Dongfeng Motor Company would begin manufacturing models from the range of Nissan's luxury marque, Infiniti, beginning in 2014.[8][9]

2013 may have seen the first instance of Nissan-developed consumer products being rebadged and sold under the Dongfeng brand or logo. The name Dongfeng Fengdu may be associated with these offerings,[10] which appear to be Nissan SUVs bearing the Dongfeng "Dual Sparrows" logo. Sold under Chinese names like "Shuaike" and "Oting Yumsun", they may be produced in Zhengzhou by subsidiary Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co Ltd.[11]

Production bases and facilities[edit]

As of 2006, the company reportedly had factories in Hubei, Guangdong, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and Zhejiang.[3] This count likely conflates automobile, truck, and parts production facilities and bases of varying size and importance.

As of 2015, a subsidiary, Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co Ltd, produces light commercial vehicles and SUVs at production bases situated in Zhengzhou and Changzhou.[10]

As of 2015, a subsidiary, Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, is listed as having a R&D center as well as a variety of factories including sites in: Dalian, Huadu, Xiangyang, and Zhengzhou.[10] The Dalian location may be[citation needed] the same site that was in the planning stages as of 2012 and slated to produce Nissan-branded automobiles.[12] This Zhengzhou factory may be separate from that of Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co Ltd, a different Dongfeng/Nissan subsidiary.

A corporate campus and design center in Huadu, Guangzhou, was announced in 2017.[13]


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