Donggala Regency

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Donggala Regency

Kabupaten Donggala
Official seal of Donggala Regency
Roso Risi Rasa (Kaili)
(Strong Tough Prosperous)
Location within Central Sulawesi
Location within Central Sulawesi
Donggala Regency is located in Sulawesi
Donggala Regency
Donggala Regency
Location in Sulawesi and Indonesia
Donggala Regency is located in Indonesia
Donggala Regency
Donggala Regency
Donggala Regency (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 0°41′40″S 119°43′50″E / 0.69444°S 119.73056°E / -0.69444; 119.73056
ProvinceCentral Sulawesi
 • RegentKasman Lassa
 • Vice RegentVera Elena Laruni
 • Total13,593.5 km2 (5,248.5 sq mi)
 • Land10,471.7 km2 (4,043.1 sq mi)
 • Water3,121.8 km2 (1,205.3 sq mi)
 • Total277,236
 • Density20/km2 (53/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (ICST)
Area code(+62) 451/457

Donggala Regency is a regency in the Central Sulawesi Province of Indonesia.

The capital of Donggala is Banawa, located a 30-minute drive (34 km) north from Palu the capital of the province. Habir Ponulele is the governor of the regency. The regency has a land area of 10,472 km² and had a population of 277,236 at the 2010 Census. the regency lies between 0° 30" north and 2°20" south latitude, and between 119° 45°" and 121° 45" east longitude.[1]

In September 2018, Donggala and Palu suffered heavy casualties due to a tsunami.[2]


Home of the ruler of Donggala (1930s)
Priests perform a ritual in the Bora te Biromaru kampong
Indigenous people performing the Tjakalélé dance with spears and shields in Bora te Biromaru kampong

Before the Dutch assumed administration in 1904 under Governor-General J. B. van Heutsz, the area was the home of eight small kingdoms (kerajaan): Palu, Sigi Dolo, Kulawi, Biromaru, Banawa, Tawaili, Parigi, and Moutong.[3][4]

In 2010, Donggala Regency was divided into sixteen districts (kecamatan). [5] The district has 287 villages/wards.[1]


The Muna Regency was divided at 2010 into 33 districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their 2010 Census population.[6]

These are physically divided into two sections, lying to the west and to the east of the Palu River Valley respectively, and separated from each other by Palu city and the Sigi Regency. The first section comprises five districts, of which the northern Banawa and Banawa Tengah (known as Donggala town) were the areas grievously inundated by the 2018 earthquake and tsunami. The second comprises eleven districts, stretching south to north along the west coast of Sulawesi's northern peninsula.

Name Area in
Census 2010
Banawa 89.9 32,018
Banawa Tengah
(Central Banawa)
72.5 10,072
Banawa Selatan
(South Banawa)
401.1 23,677
Pinembani 377.8 5,936
Rio Pakava 805.2 21,820
Western section 1,746.5 93,523
Tanantovea 271.1 15,182
Labuan 127.8 13,319
Sindue 153.3 18,436
Sindue Tombusabora 214.4 11,320
Sindue Tobata 184.7 8,775
Sirenja 262.9 20,206
Balaesang Tanjung 183.9 10,350
Balaesang 286.5 22,796
Damsol 697.8 28,938
Sojol 650.2 25,419
Sojol Utara
(North Sojol)
129.1 9,356
Eastern section 3,161.7 184,097


Most of the districts of Donggala Regency, together with Palu city and some of the districts of Sigi Regency, were covered in the Rencana Pembangunan Jangka Panjang (Long-Term Development Plan) as of 2013. In all, the area of the Plan covered twenty-one districts.[1]

Tourist attractions[edit]

Beach at sunset in Donggala Regency
  • Tanjung Karang Beach, Donggala, Labuan Bajo, Banawa
  • Pusentasi (pusat Laut), Towale
  • Boneoge Beach, Banawa
  • Anjungan Gonenggati, Banawa
  • Kabonga Beach, Banawa
  • Art & Culture, Home Industry, Sarong Donggala, Salubomba village, Limboro,Watusampu, Kola-Kola, Ganti, Kabonga, Loli, Wani [7]
  • Gonenggati Mangrove Forest, Kabonga Besar, Banawa
  • Enu Beach, Enu
  • Bambarano Beach
  • Kalukku Beach, Limboro
  • Hayalan Beach, Salubomba
  • Lembasada Beach, Lembasada
  • Surumana Beach, Surumana
  • Tosale Beach, Tosale
  • Batusuya Beach, Batusuya
  • Salur Beach, Sioyong, Sabang
  • Taipa Beach, Taipa
  • Parimpi Indah Beach, Lende, Sirenja
  • Saget Beach and LendeNtovea, Sojol Utara
  • Majang Beach, Long Village, Damsol
  • Sivalenta Beach Sirenja
  • Salumbone Beach, Salumbone
  • Labuana Beach, Lende Ntovea, Sirenja
  • Lake Talaga
  • Lake Dampelas
  • Rano Lake
  • Lino Lake, Lino
  • Talaga Lake, Dampelas
  • Kaledo (soup)
  • Bambahano, Sabang
  • Pasoso Island, Balaesang
  • Maputi Island, Pangalaseang
  • Taring Island, Lenju, Sojol Utara
  • Loli Tasiburi Waterfall
  • Powelua Waterfall, Banawa Tengah
  • Walandanu Waterfall, Balaesang
  • Bou Waterfall, Bou, Damsol
  • Nupabomba Waterfall, Nupabomba
  • Bale Waterfall, Bale, Tanantovea
  • Ogoamas Waterfall, Sojol Utara
  • Hotspring, Tambu Village
  • Camping Ground Nupabomba, Nupabomba
  • Pemandian Loli Indah, Loli Oge, Banawa
  • Nature Reserve Sojol Mountain, Sojol


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Coordinates: 0°41′40″S 119°43′50″E / 0.69444°S 119.73056°E / -0.69444; 119.73056