Dongguan East Railway Station

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Dongguan East
DongGuan East Railway Station.jpg
Location Changping Town, Dongguan, Guangdong

Dongguandong East Railway Station serves the city of Dongguan in Guangdong province, China. It is located in Dongguan's Changping Town.

The station is configured in an east-west alignment. Trains departing to the east continue along the Jingjiu railway towards Beijing. To the west, there is a junction where the Jingjiu railway merges with the Guangshen railway. The Guangshen railway continues south towards Hong Kong. The Guangshen railway continues east through Dongguan Railway Station then onwards towards Guangzhou. There are also trains to other parts of China and to Shenzhen.

The station has a large main terminal with several floors, that serves trains to Hong Kong. In the main building, there is a customs gate, several shops, a fast food outlet, a ticket booth and office buildings above it. The smaller connected terminal serves domestic trains. It contains a small shop, several ticket machines, and a ticket booth.

Preceding station   China Railways.svg China Railway   Following station
towards Beijing West
Beijing–Kowloon Railway
towards Hung Hom

Coordinates: 22°58′04″N 114°02′21″E / 22.96771°N 114.03906°E / 22.96771; 114.03906