Dongguk Tonggam

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Dongguk Tonggam
Hangul 동국통감
Revised Romanization Dongguk Tonggam
McCune–Reischauer Tongguk T'onggam

The Dongguk Tonggam (Comprehensive Mirror of the eastern state) is a chronicle of the early history of Korea compiled by Seo Geo-jeong (1420–1488) and other scholars in the 15th century. Originally commissioned by King Sejo in 1446, it was completed under the reign of Seongjong of Joseon, in 1485. The official Choe Bu was one of the scholars who helped compile and edit the work. The earlier works on which it may have been based have not survived. The Dongguk Tonggam is the earliest extant record to list the names of the rulers of Gojoseon after Dangun.

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