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Donghee Industrial Co. Ltd.
Native name
IndustryAutomotive parts manufacturer
FoundedFebruary 1972
FounderLee Dong-Ho
HeadquartersSeoul, South Korea
Key people
President: Lee Dong-Ho
Vice-president: Shin Seon-shik
ProductsAuto parts and consigned manufacture

Donghee Industrial Co. Ltd. is a group of companies producing various automotive parts such as chassis, fuel tanks, pedal parts, sunroofs, axle housings and body panels. Donghee Auto Co. Ltd., one of its subsidiaries, co-manufactures the Kia Picanto in a joint venture plant with Kia Motors.[1]


Donghee was established in 1972 as Dongseung Co. Ltd. to produce automotive bumper and pedal parts.[2] In 1986, Donghee Industrial Co. Ltd. was established in Ulsan with the assistance of Hyundai Motor Company. A year later, Donghee formed a joint venture with German firm Webasto to locally manufacture sunroof parts as Webasto Donghee (formerly Korea Sunroof Co. Ltd.). Donghee Auto Co. Ltd. was established in 2002 as a joint venture with Kia Motors to manufacture the Kia Picanto in Seosan.

Outside Korea, Donghee has manufacturing plants in China, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Russia, and The United States.[2][3]


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