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Donghuamen Night Market photo

Donghuamen Night Market was a night market located in the northern end of Wangfujing in Beijing, China. Dong Hua Men is written 东华门, the name of the East Gate of the Forbidden City.


One can find a row of unusual food stalls. An array of Chinese food delicacies are on display with people bustling around to experience some new tastes. Items such as sheep's particular parts, offal soup, deep fried crickets, centipedes, silk worms, scorpions and lizards are available to eat on a stick. There are also the more widely recognised Western foods such as spring rolls, dumplings, crab cakes and candy fruit. All stalls display their food selections in both Chinese (Mandarin) and English. The food was displayed raw and can be deep fried in a large Wok upon request.


Due to hygiene and noise complaints, the Donghuamen market closed on 24 June 2016.[1]

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