Dongjin Bridge

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Dongjin Bridge in 2014
Dongjin Bridge in the 1940s

The Dongjin Bridge (simplified Chinese: 东津桥; traditional Chinese: 東津橋; pinyin: Dōngjīn Qiáo) or Jianchunmen Pontoon Bridge (建春门浮桥) in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, China is a pontoon bridge constructed over the Gong River in the Chinese Song Dynasty (960-1279). Situated outside the Jianchunmen gate of the Ganzhou city wall, it is the survivor of several pontoon bridges found in China.

Its length is a total of roughly 400 metres long, made up of wooden planks placed on around 100 wooden boats linked together with iron chains.

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Coordinates: 25°52′04″N 114°56′45″E / 25.8678206°N 114.9458206°E / 25.8678206; 114.9458206