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Location of Dongjum
Country Netherlands Netherlands
Province Friesland Friesland
 • Total c. 300
Church of Dongjum

Dongjum (West Frisian: Doanjum) is a small village in Franekeradeel in the province Friesland of the Netherlands and has around the 300 citizens (2004).


Dongjum consists of a group Artificial dwelling hills, on an old bank of a watercourse. The area needs as demonstrated by archaeological research already in Roman times have been occupied. From pottery excavated at the time that the residents were quite wealthy. From the end of the Roman Empire until the 5th century the area was uninhabited for all thoughts.

Goslinga State[edit]

In the early 17th century was the stins Goslinga State built where later grietman and statesman Sicco van Goslinga lived who died in 1731. The stins was demolished in 1803. In the church of Dongjum (1777) is a mausoleum of Sicco van Goslinga.


Together with the nearby Hamlet Boer, has Dongjum Since April 1969 the Association Village Importance Dongjum / Boer. The association maintain contacts with the municipality, housing association and social work. Dongjum have a public primary school called "De Twirre" Beside the school stands the villagehouse built in 2007 called De Boppeslach.


  • 1954 - 358
  • 1959 - 358
  • 1964 - 325
  • 1969 - 352
  • 1974 - 423
  • 2004 - 362

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Coordinates: 53°12′32″N 5°32′34″E / 53.20889°N 5.54278°E / 53.20889; 5.54278