Dongkang College

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Dongkang College
Hangul 동강대학교
Hanja 東岡大學校
Revised Romanization Donggang Daehakgyo
McCune–Reischauer Tong'gang Taehakkyo

Dongkang College is a private technical college in the Buk-gu district of Gwangju metropolitan city, in southwestern South Korea. The current president is Kim Kyong Taek (김경택). About 110 instructors are employed.


The college offers technical training in the fields of technology, humanities, social science, home economics, and education.


The school was founded by Lee Weon Myo (이원묘) as Kwangju Dongshin Vocational School (동신실업전문학교). It opened its doors in 1976, with a student body of 320. The school became a junior college in 1979. The name Dongkang College was adopted in 1998.

Sister schools[edit]

The college has entered into international exchange relations with institutions in Taiwan (Damsui Technical and Commercial Junior College) and the United States (Washburn State University and Dongguk Royal University).

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