Dongseongno Festival

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Dongseongno Festival
Begins May
Ends May
Frequency Yearly
Location(s) Daegu Jung-gu, South Korea
Years active 14
Dongseongno Festival
Hangul 동성로축제
Hanja 東城路祝祭
Revised Romanization Dongseongno Chukjae
McCune–Reischauer Tongsǒngno Ch'ukchae

The Dongseongno Festival is a festival held in Daegu Jung-gu, South Korea. The festival is held every May and includes a song festival, a fashion show, and concerts.[1]

The Dongsang-ro Festival, which opened its doors in May 1990, has established itself as one of the most successful models of the festival led by the pure private sector. The festival is a leading business district in Korea and will be the venue for the festival to showcase the excellence of culture with people around the world in Daegu Youth Street.[2]

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