Dongsha Atoll National Park

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Coordinates: 20°43′N 116°42′E / 20.717°N 116.700°E / 20.717; 116.700

Dongsha monument
Dongsha Atoll

The Dongsha Atoll National Park (Chinese: 東沙環礁國家公園; pinyin: Dōngshā Huánjiāo Guójiā Gōngyuán) is the seventh national park of the Republic of China (Taiwan), managed by the Ministry of the Interior. It was established on 17 January 2007; and on 4 October of the same year a preparatory administrative office was set up[where?] to manage it.

The marine park is located at the Pratas Islands (Dongsha Islands) in the north of the South China Sea and includes the atolls[which?] and surrounding sea areas. The total area is 3,537 square kilometres (1,366 sq mi), with 1.79 square kilometres (0.69 sq mi) of land.[1] The main part of the Park is the Dongsha Atoll (Pratas Atoll), a circular atoll 25 kilometres (16 mi) in diameter, with tropical monsoon climate. It is administered under Qijin District, Kaohsiung City.


Average temperature and precipitation of Dongsha Atoll(1996~2005)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Average
Temperature(°C 21.7 22.0 23.9 26.2 27.9 29.1 29.6 29.3 28.4 26.9 24.9 22.3 26.016
Precipitation(mm) 23.9 25.0 17.5 56.1 141.2 166.9 193.7 211.4 244.2 146.1 44.0 76.3 112.192


Seagrass Beds are well formed in the atoll and in adjacent waters, providing rich bio-diversities of marine life from fish, jelly fish, squid, sicklefin lemon sharks,[2] and rays to rarer sea turtles, Dugongs, and cetaceans (dolphins and whales).[3][4] Recovery of green sea turtles has especially been noted.[5] Possible use of the atoll as a breeding ground by lemon sharks have been speculated due to the numbers of infants that have been discovered.[6]

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