Dongshan, Yilan

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Coordinates: 24°37′55″N 121°45′14″E / 24.63194°N 121.75389°E / 24.63194; 121.75389

Dongshan Township in Yilan County
Dongshan Township

Dongshan Township (Chinese: 冬山鄉; pinyin: Dōngshān Xiāng; Wade–Giles: Tung1-shan1 Hsiang1; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tang-soaⁿ-hiong) is a rural township in the central part of Yilan County, Taiwan.


Administrative divisions[edit]

Zhenzhu, Bucheng, Sanji, Daxing, Tungcheng, Xianghe, Nanxing, Anping, Dongshan, Taihe, Babao, Wanshan, Zhongshan, Shunan, Yongmei, Wuyuan, Qunying, Qinggou, Lupu, Dean, Guangxing, Guangan, Kelin and Dajin Village.


The main industry in Dongshan Township are agriculture and tourism. In agriculture, tea and pomelo are the specialties for this township. While the tourism industry creates more business in leisure, food and beverages and farm tourism.

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The township is accessible by the Dongshan Station of the Taiwan Railway Administration.

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