Dongtan, Hwaseong

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New Dongtan City
Country South Korea South Korea
Time zone UTC+9 (South Korea Time)
Dongtan, Hwaseong
Hangul 동탄도시
Hanja 東灘都市
Revised Romanization Dongtan sin dosi
McCune–Reischauer Tongt'an sin tosi

Dongtan is a city in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, South Korea. It has many shops and restaurants. There are also 4 skyscrapers ranging between 70 to 80 floors in which people live. They are collectively called Metapolis and they contain a shopping mall. Dongtan also has an underground subway called the SRT (super rapid train) that goes from Suseo Station to Jije Station. The subway is 52.3km long and it is the third longest in the world. It is also has the longest underground tunnel for a subway that goes at a speed of 300km/h.