Dongzhi County

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Dongzhi County (simplified Chinese: 东至县; traditional Chinese: 東至縣; pinyin: Dōngzhì Xiàn) is a county in Anhui Province, People's Republic of China, under the jurisdiction of Chizhou City. It has a population of 530,000 and an area of 3,256 square kilometres (1,257 sq mi). The government of Dongzhi County is located in Yaodu Town.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Dongzhi County has jurisdiction over ten towns and 21 townships.




Dongzhi is served by the Tongling–Jiujiang Railway.

Coordinates: 30°02′20″N 117°02′59″E / 30.03889°N 117.04972°E / 30.03889; 117.04972