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Doninos, Esmelle and St. George's Beach are beaches in Ferrol, Spain. Ferrol is privileged to have, within its borders, several high quality gorgeous sandy beaches that are ideal for practising water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, Boogie Board, kite surfing, and surfing. These beaches are also suitable for more relaxing endeavours such as walking in the dunes, or Sun bathing.

A sunny day in one of the beaches

The best known beaches from Northwest to Southwest:

  1. Ponzos' Beach [1]
  2. Saint Comba's Beach (also "Santa Comba") [2][permanent dead link]
  3. Saint George's Beach (also "San Xurxo") [3]
  4. Esmelle's Beach [4]
  5. Donino's Beach (also "Doniños") [5]
  6. O Vilar's Beach [6][permanent dead link]
  7. The Frigate's Beach (also "A Fragata")[7]
  8. A Grana's Beach (also "A Graña") [8][permanent dead link]
  9. Caranza's Beach [9][permanent dead link]
    Doninos' Beach in ferrolterra is an ideal place for Surf

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