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OriginKlaipėda, Lithuania
Genresambient, neofolk, experimental
Years active1998–present
Associated actsHa Lela, Wejdas, Notanga, Eirimė
WebsiteOfficial site
MembersDonatas Bielkauskas

Donis is a Lithuanian ambient, neofolk and experimental music project created by the Klaipėda multi-instrumentalist Donatas Bielkauskas. He was also a member of electronic music projects Wejdas, Notanga, Ha Lela,[1] Eirimė.[2]

Donis has released 8 CDs. Most of Donis’ works are musical interpretations of Baltic tribal ethnomusic. His most well known album is Bitė Lingo. It has 8 archaic Lithuanian war songs interpreted by folk vocalist Rasa Serra.[3] The album Švilpiai contains ancient ocarina (švilpynė) music. The album Sotvaras is made together with famous Lithuanian pagan band Kūlgrinda members. Donis has also made an album of a Greek mythology theme Alexandreia and some experimental-electronic works.


  • A.LT 2006 – the best ethno artist[4]


  • 1998 – Deinaina
  • 2002 – Baltos Juodos Klajos
  • 2003 – Švilpiai
  • 2003 – Sotvaras, with Kūlgrinda
  • 2004 – Vacuum
  • 2006 – Bite lingo, with singer Rasa Serra
  • 2007 – Alexandreia
  • 2010 – Kas tave šaukia,[5] with singer Rasa Serra
  • 2013 – Bars Bars


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