Nerodime e Poshtme (archaeological site)

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Roman Period sites in Kosovo

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Coordinates: 42°21′51″N 21°05′54″E / 42.364293°N 21.09826°E / 42.364293; 21.09826

Nerodime e Poshtme is an archaeological site and village situated west of the city of Uroševac, Kosovo. Several archaeological trenches were investigated at this location in 1988 (which is close to the Orthodox cemetery).

Villa Complex[edit]

The excavations resulted in the discovery of a villa complex that was possibly constructed during the Late Antique period. The villa was built around an atrium with a polychrome floor mosaic, using geometrical and figural motifs. According to researchers involved in the dig, the first phase was probably constructed during the 4th century AD, with reconstruction possibly taking place during the 5th and 6th century AD. The discovered floor mosaic is set within a rectangular room and an adjoining apse, which may have served as a triclinium (a dining room).

The mosaic in the villa complex at Nerodime e Poshtme is very similar in composition, style and construction techniques to a floor mosaic discovered in the Heraclea Lyncestis martyrium in Macedonia, as well as a floor mosaic found in the Lin Basilica martyrium in Albania. The similarities between the mosaics at these three sites suggest that they are all the work of a great unknown artist/master of that time.[1]

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