Donji Milanovac

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Donji Milanovac
Доњи Милановац
The town
The town
Official seal of Donji Milanovac
Donji Milanovac is located in Serbia
Donji Milanovac
Donji Milanovac
Location in Serbia
Coordinates: 44°28′32″N 22°06′57″E / 44.47556°N 22.11583°E / 44.47556; 22.11583
Country Serbia
Municipality Majdanpek
District Bor District
Elevation 56 m (184 ft)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 2,410
Time zone Central European (UTC+1)
Area code(s) +381 30
Vehicle registration BO

Donji Milanovac (Serbian Cyrillic: Доњи Милановац, pronounced [dɔ̂ːɲiː mǐlanɔvats]) is a town in eastern Serbia. It is situated in the Majdanpek municipality, in the Bor District. It is located on the right bank of Lake Đerdap on the Danube. The population of the town is 2,410 people (2011 census). Its name means "Lower Milanovac" (there is an Upper Milanovac, as well).

The management office of Đerdap national park is located in the town.


The town is located on the right bank of Lake Đerdap on the Danube, and is located in the Đerdap national park. The Miroč mountain lies between Donji Milanovac and Tekija.


Donji Milanovac lies on remains of an 8000-year-old Mesolithic settlement of the Lepenski Vir, and of the Roman town of Taliata. From its founding, Donji Milanovac was moved twice. Milanovac was founded in the 19th century on its original site on an island on the Danube river. In 1830, due to frequent flooding, Prince Miloš ordered the town be moved to the nearest, right bank. It became the first town in Serbia built by architectural planning. After construction of the "Đerdap I" hydroelectric power station in 1970, the town was moved again to its present location.[2]

From 1929 to 1941, Donji Milanovac was part of the Morava Banovina of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.


The Church of St. Nicholas is located in the centre of Donji Milanovac. It was built in 1840 thanks to captain Miša Anastasijević. Captain Miša's konak and Tenka's house have been proclaimed cultural heritage of Serbia. There is a monument to the 1912-1918 wars (Balkan Wars, First World War), and a mammoth sculpture.


FK Poreč is the local football club.

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