Donjon (role-playing game)

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Designer(s)Clinton R. Nixon
Publication date2002
Genre(s)Indie, Fantasy

Donjon (French for "keep") is an independently published role-playing game by Clinton R. Nixon, published by Anvilwerks.


Donjon, a narrative dungeon crawl by Clinton R. Nixon, was one of the indie role-playing games that appeared in the months following the casual gathering of indie enthusiasts at the booth for Adept Press, which became a booth for The Forge, at GenCon 34 in 2002.[1] Donjon, InSpectres, and Misguided Games' Children of the Sun (2002) were finalists for the first Indie Game of the Year award, but they lost to the very well received Dust Devils (2002) by Matt Snyder.[2]:157


Donjon is a fantasy game that is both a parody of and an homage to Dungeons & Dragons. Based on the result of die rolls in conflict resolution, players get to add facts to the situation, which gives them power to steer the adventure in directions the game master doesn't expect.


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