Donkeys' Years

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Donkeys' Years
Donkeys' Years poster.jpg
Written by Michael Frayn
Date premiered 1976
Place premiered Globe Theatre now Gielgud Theatre, London
Original language English
Subject A group of men at their twentieth college reunion regress to their undergraduate behaviours
Genre Comedy / farce

Donkeys' Years is a play by English playwright Michael Frayn that premiered at the Globe Theatre, London, in 1976.

The play is a West End farce, a genre that Frayn parodied five years later in his play within a play "Nothing On" from Noises Off.

In Donkeys' Years six former students spend the weekend at their old university college for their 25th year reunion. The wife of the Master of the college becomes locked within its walls for the night, supplying the material for a classical bedroom farce. A Government minister is placed in a series of embarrassing positions.

The play featured Penelope Keith, who subsequently won the 1976 Olivier Award for Best Comedy Performance.

The play was revived in 2006 at the Comedy Theatre[citation needed]


The dictionary definition of donkey's years at Wiktionary sheds some light on the play's name.


Further reading[edit]

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