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Donna Fletcher Crow is an author best known for historical Christian fiction.[1]


Donna Fletcher grew up in Nampa, Idaho. She participated in competitive riding, winning the titles of Snake River Stampede Rodeo Queen in 1959 and Miss Rodeo Idaho in 1960,[2] and she was a runner up in the Miss Rodeo America 1960 competition. She graduated from Northwest Nazarene University in 1964. Donna married Stanley Crow, a college classmate, in 1964. They have four grown children, and live in Boise, Idaho.

Donna Fletcher Crow is the author of two dozen novels plus children's books, nonfiction works and plays. She brings a lifetime love of English literature and history to her writing which has earned numerous awards.

'Glastonbury, The Novel of Christian England', one of her most successful books, is an epic novel which tells the history of England from the birth of Christ through the English Reformation, covering Roman, Celtic, Arthurian, Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Tudor periods. Two more epics of British Christian history followed Glastonbury. 'The Fields of Bannockburn' tells the story of Scotland from the arrival of St. Columba on the Isle of Iona in A.D. 563 through the achievement of William Wallace's dream of Scottish independence in 1320 under Robert the Bruce, the real 'Braveheart.' Her 1998 Irish epic 'The Banks of the Boyne' traced the history of The Troubles from the beginning of the Plantations in the early 17th century on into the establishment of real peace.

'The Cambridge Chronicles' is a six-book series covering the history of the Evangelical Anglican movement through the 18th and 19th centuries. These historical novels tell the stories of the part played by John and Charles Wesley, the Countess of Huntingdon, Roweland Hill, Charles Simeon, William Wilberforce, the Earl of Shaftesbury, Hudson Taylor, the Cambridge Seven, and others whose influence is still felt in England today.

Donna Fletcher Crow's current project is 'The Monastery Murders', series set in current times in a monastery in rural Yorkshire. Her American heroine and Anglican priest hero must learn from saints and heroes of the past in order to solve modern mysteries.

Crow says she writes for the love of telling a story and her goal is to expand her reader's experience. "Background is especially important to me," she says, "both in what I read and what I write. Research is one of my favorite aspects of writing. I suppose at heart I'm still a teacher.

"I love my characters, even the villains. They are almost always combinations of people I know. For me, plot is the most difficult aspect of mystery writing, but ironically, I love dealing with structure. I'm fanatical about viewpoint and— here's the English literature teacher again— theme never fails to delight me when it shows its face."

An enthusiastic gardener, she grows David Austen English Roses and loves the challenge of creating an English cottage garden in the Idaho desert. She lists her favorite pastimes as drinking tea, reading, taking research trips and playing with grandchildren. Most influential authors include: Jane Austen, Dorothy L. Sayers, Barbara Pym, P. D. James and Susan Howatch.


The Monastery Murders

  • A Very Private Grave (2010)
  • A Darkly Hidden Truth (2011)
  • An Unholy Communion (2013)

The Elizabeth and Richard Mysteries

  • A The Shadow of Reality (2010)
  • A Midsummer Eve's Nightmare (2010)
  • A Jane Austen Encounter (2013)

Lord Danvers Mysteries[edit]

  • A Most inconvenient Death (1993)
  • Grave Matters (1994)
  • To Dust You Shall Return (1995)
  • A Tincture of Murder (2012)

Epic Novels[edit]

  • Glastonbury: The Novel of Christian England (1992)(new ed. 2013)
  • Glastonbury: A Novel of the Holy Grail (ebook) (2012)
  • The Fields of Bannockburn: A Novel of Scotland from Origins to Independence (1996)
  • The Banks of The Boyne: The Generations of Northern Ireland (1998)

The Virtuous Heart Series[edit]

  • All Things New (1997)
  • Roses in Autumn (1998)

The Daughters of Courage[edit]

  • Kathryn: Days of Struggle and Triumph (1992)
  • Elizabeth: Days of Loss and Hope (1993)
  • Stephanie: Days of Turmoil and Peace (1993)

The Cambridge Chronicles[edit]

  • A Gentle Calling (1994)
  • Treasures of The Heart (1994)
  • Where Love Begins (1994)
  • To Be Worthy (1994)
  • Encounter the Light (1997)
  • Where Love Calls (1998)


  • The Castle of Dreams (1992)

Serenade Romances[edit]

  • Love Unmerited (1986)
  • The Desires of Your Heart (1985)
  • Greengold Autumn (1984)

Choose Your Own Adventure[edit]

  • General Kempthorne's Victory Tour (1987)
  • The Evil Plot of Dr. Zarnof (1983)
  • Mr. Xanthu's Golden Scheme (1985)
  • Professor Q's Mysterious Machine (1983)


  • Seasons of Prayer: Discovering the Riches of the Church Year Through Classic Prayer (2000)
  • The Frantic Mother Cookbook (1982)
  • Recipes for the Protein Diet (1972)

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