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Donna Rose Addis
Residence New Zealand
Alma mater University of Toronto
Scientific career

Donna Rose Addis is a New Zealand psychology academic. Of Samoan descent, she is currently a full professor at the University of Auckland,[1] but is set to move to the University of Toronto.[2]

Academic career[edit]

Addis went to Aorere College in Auckland, and her bursary marks made her New Zealand's top all-round scholar of Pacific Island descent.[3]

After an undergraduate at the University of Auckland Addis won a commonwealth scholarship to the University of Toronto for a PhD titled 'Terms of engagement: investigating the engagement of the hippocampus and related structures during autobiographical memory retrieval in healthy individuals and temporal lobe epilepsy patients' and a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard University.[1] She then returned to Auckland and rose to full professor in 2016.[4]

Addis's research is on memory, depression[5] brain scans,[6] and related areas.[7]

In 2009 Addis won a Prime Minister's Science Prize.[8]

In 2017 Addis was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand.[9]

Selected works[edit]

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  • Addis, Donna Rose, Alana T. Wong, and Daniel L. Schacter. "Remembering the past and imagining the future: common and distinct neural substrates during event construction and elaboration." Neuropsychologia 45, no. 7 (2007): 1363-1377.
  • Schacter, Daniel L., and Donna Rose Addis. "The cognitive neuroscience of constructive memory: remembering the past and imagining the future." Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society B: biological sciences 362, no. 1481 (2007): 773-786.
  • Moscovitch, Morris, R. Shayna Rosenbaum, Asaf Gilboa, Donna Rose Addis, Robyn Westmacott, Cheryl Grady, Mary Pat McAndrews et al. "Functional neuroanatomy of remote episodic, semantic and spatial memory: a unified account based on multiple trace theory." Journal of anatomy 207, no. 1 (2005): 35-66.
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