Donnchadh mac Eoghan Ó Duinnshléibhe

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Donnchadh mac Eoghan Ó Duinnshléibhe (died 30 September 1528) was an Irish physician and the "ollam leighis" or official physician of the O'Donnell dynasty.

Ó Duinnshléibhe was a member of a hereditary medical family based in County Donegal who were formerly the ruling dynasty of the over-kingdom of Ulaid. The Annals of the Four Masters contain his obit, sub anno 1527:

  • The physician O'Donlevy (Donough, son of Owen), a Doctor of Medicine, and learned in other sciences, a man of great affluence and wealth, who kept a house of general hospitality, died on the 30th of September.

His son Eoghan MacDonlevy, M.D. (d. 1586) or Owen Ultach was like his father educated in the medical arts in Paris, like his father an ollam leighis to the O’Donnell, and likewise known for his general learning. Owen was considered the finest physician of his time in Ireland.[1][2]

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