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The Donnellan Lectures are a lecture series at Trinity College, Dublin, instituted in 1794. The lectures were originally given under the auspices of the School of Hebrew, Biblical and Theological Studies. But since 1987 they have been run on a triennial basis by the Department of Philosophy[1] and are no longer theological in nature. They were endowed from the estate of Anne Donnellan.[2]

Lecturers (incomplete list)[edit]

  • 1794 Thomas Elrington The Proof of Christianity… from the Miracles recorded in the New Testament
  • 1797, 1801. Richard Graves The Divine Origin of the Jewish Religion proved from the… Last Four Books of the Pentateuch
  • 1807. Bartholomew Lloyd[3]
  • 1809 Richard Herbert Nash[4]
  • 1815–16. Francis Sadleir The Various Degrees of Religious Information Vouchsafed to Mankind
  • 1817. [Daniel Mooney D.D.]
  • 1818. William Phelan Christianity provides… Correctives for… Tendencies to Polytheism and Idolatry
  • 1821, 1824. J. Kennedy The Researches of Modern Science… demonstrate the Inspiration of… Scripture
  • 1823 F. Sadleir The Formulas of the Church of England Conformable to the Scriptures
  • 1838 J. H. Todd The Prophecies Relating to Antichrist in… Daniel and St. Paul
  • 1839 J. H. Todd The Prophecies Relating to Antichrist in the Apocalypse of St. John
  • 1851 Mortimer O'Sullivan The Hour of the Redeemer
  • 1852 William Lee Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures
  • 1853 W. de Burgh The Early Prophecies of a Redeemer
  • 1854 Charles Parsons Reichel The Nature and Offices of the Church
  • 1855 James Byrne Naturalism and Spiritualism
  • 1855–56, 1859 J. MacIvor Religious Progress
  • 1857 John Cotter MacDonnell The Doctrine of the Atonement deduced from Scripture
  • 1858. J. Wills The Antecedent Probability of the Christian Religion
  • 1860 Atkins Pastoral Duties
  • 1861 W. P Walsh Christian Missions
  • 1862 W. de Burgh Messianic Prophecies of Isaiah
  • 1865 Ryder The Scripture Doctrine of Acceptance with God
  • 1877 John Hewitt Jellett The efficacy of prayer
  • 1878–9 George Alexander Chadwick Christ bearing witness to himself
  • 1880–1 Charles H. H. Wright The Book of Koheleth, Commonly Called Ecclesiastes, Considered in Relation to Modern Criticism, and to the Doctrines of Modern Pessimism
  • 1885–5 Mortimer O'Sullivan The Gospel in the Miracles of Christ, Man's Knowledge of Man and of God
  • 1887–8 William Lefroy The Christian Ministry: Its Origin, Constitution, Nature and Work
  • 1888–9 J. H. Kennedy Natural Theology and Modern Thought
  • 1889–90 T. Sterling Berry Christianity and Buddhism : a comparison and a contrast
  • 1899 Charles D'Arcy Idealism and theology: a study of presuppositions



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